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There are several types of appliances that may need to be used in addition to traditional braces or Invisalign therapy. These include separators, palatal expanders, lingual arches, bite buttons, TADs and retainers. During your initial complimentary consultation, we will inform you as to whether any appliances will be needed in addition to your braces or Invisalign treatment.

seperators Separators are tiny rubber rings which are stretched and flossed down in between where the teeth touch. Their primary function is to expand the space between your teeth for orthodontic bands to be comfortably fitted. Before the bands are placed, the separators are removed. During the week when they are in place, it is recommended to avoid eating gummy or sticky foods.
palatal expander The Palatal Expander is sometimes needed to expand ones upper jaw and teeth.  By stretching the upper jaw laterally with this appliance, crossbites are eliminated, biting is more comfortable, and the sinus is made larger for improved breathing. Expansion usually takes no longer than 4 weeks.
lingual arches Lingual arches are a recommended treatment to prevent overcrowding during growth and to anchor the lower arch while correcting an overbite.  In younger patients, it is used to preserve the extra space which has been created by the primary teeth so that there is enough room for all of the adult teeth to erupt.  In teenage and older patients, this appliance is used as an anchor to help move the upper molars backwards.
TADs TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices) are used to prevent unwanted tooth movement by creating an external anchor (like a headgear does).  The TADs are small fluted pins which are gently placed through the gums. Numbing gel is used prior to placing a TAD so that they create little if any discomfort.  Elastics or rubberbands are attached from the TAD to a bracket or an aligner.
retainers Retainers are appliances that secure your teeth’s position after they have been straightened.  Patients can choose whether they prefer a removable or permanent retainer following treatment.  Retainers are critical in preventing your teeth from moving from their finished location. The first set of retainers is included with Invisalign or treatment with braces.
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