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How to Care for Your Invisalign Aligners

Caring for Invisalign AlignersInvisalign Aligners are a great way to take care of your teeth. But for the aligners to work efficiently, it’s important to take care of the aligners themselves. It’s vital to keep the aligners clean and stainfree, to remove them properly, and to prevent damage to the shape of the aligners. To keep them in optimal shape, follow these simple steps.

First, when eating or drinking hot beverages, always remove the aligners to reduce potential damage. Use a straw when drinking colored drinks such as soda, as it could stain. After you eat, brush your teeth carefully and thoroughly before replacing the aligners.

Second, keep the aligners themselves clean. At least once each day, soak the trays in water treated with Invisalign Cleaning System crystals, diluted hydrogen peroxide bleach, or vinegar. While you’re cleaning them, be sure to keep them away from pets, as animals can be drawn to the scent of saliva.

Third, when removing them, follow the recommended procedure for removal back to front, and replacing them front to back, so there is no damage to them or your teeth. Taking care with removal and replacement will keep your aligners and your teeth in stellar shape.

Following these three basic steps will help your aligners to wear well and last long, so they will continue to help you help your teeth just as intended.

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