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Invisalign Los Alamitos

Invisalign-Los-AlamitosThe Invisalign Center of Long Beach is composed of dedicated professionals who are certified to deliver comprehensive solutions to misaligned teeth.  Our specializations in Invisalign technology can turn misshaped teeth into beauty-defining smiles.

While braces are the traditional mode of resolving these problems, they can create complications of their own because of their maintenance and visibility.  Invisalign delivers in providing a convenient and comfortable option in straightening teeth.   This treatment consists of the creation of aligners that are transparent and are naturally compatible with your existing teeth structure.

The transparent features of Invisalign allow your teeth to enjoy distraction-free straightening benefits.  They work by applying gradual pressure on the teeth, which moves them to their natural positions.  Over the course of the straightening process, your smile will transform into a stunning picture of beauty.

In addition, Invisalign aligners are removable, this means you can replace them every two weeks without compromising the results.   For the best Invisalign providers in the Los Alamitos area, you can look to our professional expertise.

Our dedication to restoring misshaped teeth stems from the satisfaction we receive when patients celebrate upon seeing their new smile.  We hope to make you celebrate as well, please call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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Dr. Joel Brodsky and Dr. Charles Brodsky are Long Beach Invisalign and orthodontics specialists that provide patients of all ages with complete Orthodontic care. Their services are provided to the communities of Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Lakewood, Cerritos, Cypress, and Bellflower.
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