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Orthodontist Lakewood

Orthodontist LakewoodA misshaped smile can make for an irritating distraction to your look.  At the Invisalign Center of Long Beach, our experience in the field of orthodontics has helped patients reconfigure their smiles for years.  We work with unparalleled passion in restoring teeth to their full functional and aesthetic potential.

Lakewood orthodontists Dr. Joel and Charles Brodsky are supported by decades of experience in providing world class orthodontic care.  This field involves treatments that improve the alignment, functions, and structure of the teeth.  Our expertise can provide the best solutions if you’re experiencing the difficulties of a misaligned smile.

Braces are one of our specializations in treating misshaped teeth.  They are created from durable materials such as metal and can restructure the alignment of your teeth thanks to their rigid structure.  You can perform your regular eating and cleaning activities with braces as well, this can require a few adjustments to your diet and brushing areas.

The primary benefit of braces is the permanent restoration they provide to your smile.  After the treatment, you no longer need braces and can enjoy a straightened smile for numerous years to come!

Our team welcomes your visit and will mesmerize you with an extraordinary teeth straightening experience.  Please call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Dr. Joel Brodsky and Dr. Charles Brodsky are Long Beach Invisalign and orthodontics specialists that provide patients of all ages with complete Orthodontic care. Their services are provided to the communities of Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Lakewood, Cerritos, Cypress, and Bellflower.
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